Location:156-10, 156-44 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11352
Property Type:Retail
Status:Fully Leased
Space Available:0
Total Size:48,533.00 SF
No. of Spaces:14
Space Size
156-10 NORTHERN BLVD. 4,100.00 SF Retail
156-16 NORTHERN BLVD. 2,932.00 SF Retail
156-16A NORTHERN BLVD. 2,765.00 SF Retail
156-18 NORTHERN BLVD. 2,550.00 SF Retail
156-24 NORTHERN BLVD. 3,145.00 SF Retail(Restaurant)
156-26 NORTHERN BLVD. 1,870.00 SF Retail(Restaurant)
156-28 NORTHERN BLVD. 1,050.00 SF Retail
156-30 NORTHERN BLVD. 1,275.00 SF Retail
156-32 & 156-34 NORTHERN BLVD. 2,604.00 SF Retail(Restaurant)
156-40 NORTHERN BLVD. 15,000.00 SF Retail
156-44A & B NORTHERN BLVD. 4,950.00 SF Retail
156-44C NORTHERN BLVD. 2,454.00 SF Retail
156-44D NORTHERN BLVD. 2,003.00 SF Retail
156-44E NORTHERN BLVD. 1,835.00 SF Retail
Year Built:1966

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